Pandora open 2017 spring and summer brand tour

Core Tip: 2017 spring, Pandora grand launch of the “DO” this new multi-directional brand promotion activities to encourage the majority of women loyal to the heart, confidently show their own unique personality and inner beliefs. With the release of new spring new products, Pandora will be the first time in Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, three cities launched the “DO” brand tour exhibition.


The tour will be a vivid form of Pandora outlet uk brand new brand image, spring and summer jewelry series, as well as the latest posters, to all directions to consumers to pass more “DO” advocate the pursuit of true my brand activity. The event site also has interactive photo link, to encourage women to make the most real oneself, and Pandora together “DO MORE”.


Pandora China Managing Director Mr. Tang Dongni said: “cheap Pandora jewelry to encourage urban women confidently show their own unique style, enjoy life, wake up the new experience of life.The brand tour, let consumers more in-depth, A more comprehensive understanding of Pandora “DO” this new brand promotion activities, in a variety of ways for the modern women to bring a steady stream of positive forces.


In order to more modern women to pass “DO” this new brand concept, this Pandora and “Yue” magazine cooperation, hand in hand with a number of contemporary cutting-edge female photographer, photography as a medium, jewelry as an element, with the lens Depicts the boldness of modern women, passion, loyalty to the self side, in this tour also live show these photographic works. As the first stop of the brand tour – Tianjin, Pandora outlet invited three of the women photographers to come to the event site to share their creative inspiration, and together with Pandora to encourage women to act and realize their dreams Brave expression of self.