Christmas Collection 2016: Pandora charms, rings and bracelets


Pandora Christmas collection 2016. Like every year, Pandora creates a new collection of jewelry dedicated to Christmas. The dominant colors are red, blue and dear to tradition, evoking the snow and the cold of winter. This year in addition to the wide selection of charms, bracelets and rings, there are new pendants with inside the symbols of Christmas.

Pandora 2016: charms, rings and bracelets for Christmas

In the collection of Pandora dedicated to Christmas 2016 we find delicious charms evocative of Christmas as Santa’s little house, the gingerbread man, decorated tree and the other dedicated to the night sky, with snowflakes and the fiorid’inverno.Nella collection They are also angels and hearts.

At Christmas Pandora he has created a new bangle with a decorative snowflake and a “snake” model with the closing in pink gold. Rings and earrings proposed in the Christmas collection have the charm of timeless objects, with a taste a little ‘retro.

For a fun and original gift Pandora thought to modular pendant necklace with a medallion in which to insert a set of subjects to choose.