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Pandora open 2017 spring and summer brand tour

Core Tip: 2017 spring, Pandora grand launch of the “DO” this new multi-directional brand promotion activities to encourage the majority of women loyal to the heart, confidently show their own unique personality and inner beliefs. With the release of new spring new products, Pandora will be the first time in Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, three cities launched the “DO” brand tour exhibition.


The tour will be a vivid form of Pandora outlet uk brand new brand image, spring and summer jewelry series, as well as the latest posters, to all directions to consumers to pass more “DO” advocate the pursuit of true my brand activity. The event site also has interactive photo link, to encourage women to make the most real oneself, and Pandora together “DO MORE”.


Pandora China Managing Director Mr. Tang Dongni said: “cheap Pandora jewelry to encourage urban women confidently show their own unique style, enjoy life, wake up the new experience of life.The brand tour, let consumers more in-depth, A more comprehensive understanding of Pandora “DO” this new brand promotion activities, in a variety of ways for the modern women to bring a steady stream of positive forces.


In order to more modern women to pass “DO” this new brand concept, this Pandora and “Yue” magazine cooperation, hand in hand with a number of contemporary cutting-edge female photographer, photography as a medium, jewelry as an element, with the lens Depicts the boldness of modern women, passion, loyalty to the self side, in this tour also live show these photographic works. As the first stop of the brand tour – Tianjin, Pandora outlet invited three of the women photographers to come to the event site to share their creative inspiration, and together with Pandora to encourage women to act and realize their dreams Brave expression of self.

The empowering new message from Pandora Outlet


It’s all about inspiring women to be themselves.

Today more than ever it’s so important for women to have a voice. With Pandora’s latest empowering message, it’s as it should be – a permanent feature.

For Spring they’ve launched ‘DO’ a word that is intrinsically linked to their name and everything they stand for. But instead of a campaign that comes and goes, they have ditched their old ‘Unforgettable Moments’ tagline, to pioneer ‘DO’ in every campaign from here on in.


Launching with DO Be True To Yourself, the major jewellery brand are inspiring women to be true to themselves and what they believe in. Their latest look book is bursting with girl power, showcasing what Pandora DO and how they support women to be true to themselves. The inclusive club we ALL want to be a part of. Whether it’s a new pair of earrings to give confidence for a job interview, or you’ve got your eye on a potential alternative engagement ring, Pandora’s got it covered.

Inspiring quotes from the campaign include ‘Valuables are no longer the thing people value most. Integrity & honesty are worth more than their weight in gold.’ And ‘it’s time for more role and less model.’ Accompanying a beautiful collection of modern jewels, just in time for that last minute Mother’s Day shopping dash.

One of the best things about Pandora outlet uk, is their dedication to social responsibility. Their 14k gold is 96% recycled and the sterling silver they use is 83% recycled, too. Using a combination of centuries-old craftsmanship techniques and modern high-end jewellery technology they create the popular designs that are loved by everyone for the purse-friendly prices. Showing that ethics and quality don’t have to come at a price.


A spokesperson for cheap Pandora told us, ‘Spring/Summer 2017 products are bright, versatile and strong; like women. Each piece stands for something positive that women can admire and believe in, in terms of roots, actions and aesthetics. What they choose says something about them.’

So we’re with Pandora outlet, embracing our inner sparkle – whilst wearing our favourite jewels of course.

Pandora outlet opens latest store featuring design overhaul


Pandora will open its latest store to feature a redesigned layout at a shopping centre in Burton today.

Coopers Square Shopping Centre in Staffordshire will see the store re-open with a new layout after it closed last month for refurbishment.

The Pandora outlet store now only has one entrance and has a smaller counter to allow for increased stock, customers and furniture.

Store manager Kate Davies was quoted in a report by the Burton Mail as saying: “It’s a pretty new store with better customer service, new stock being launched and new staff.

“It is just a different experience in the store. It only has one entrance and the serving area is much smaller to allow for the queuing system to be better, especially over Christmas.”

“Now there is more room for queuing without it going out of the store, stock, space for wheelchairs to get around and more cabinets for people to browse.”

Pandora’s new UK managing director, Brien Winther, told Professional Jeweller in February that the jewellery giant would start to concentrate more on its current retail relationships rather than opening new outlet stores.

Romantic late autumn, do you want to encounter with Pandora rose color yourself? (under)

Charming roundabout

Simple lines, after Pandora outlet designer’s “hundred thousand turn back” to create a circle round, stacked layers of charming maneuver. Seemingly simple lines, sketching out is a woman with plenty of inner feelings and rich meaning. Symbolic infinity and perfect the unique ∞ symbol, the two circuits on behalf of the balance between the opposite and equal, so abstract beauty, showing a wild practicality. Lingering fingers of the shape, so that the rich ring level changes, as if the fate of the intertwined and emotional, I do not know who affects the heart.


Light feathers

Feather decoration, whether in exaggerated shape or a small area still has an embellishment on the role of irreplaceable, lightweight deliberately vivid. Full of fantasy and beautiful feather elements, not only birds are used in a very specific works of jewelry, but also in a separate posture, bright but without losing the soft light beauty. Lightweight feathers, at any time can make people revive hope, better reflect the feminine. Into the unique rosy glossy and bright reflective, creating a unique touching shape, unique decoration of you.

Pandora outlet

Classic retro

Classic, is a penetration of the obsession with time, with the eternal charm. Retro popular today, pandora ROSE series, the brand classic models into rosy colors, instantly create a different retro feel. Inlaid zircon array, sparkling in your wrist between the glorious, elegant blush rosy, blending bold graphic design, giving the PANDORA ROSE series of low-key gorgeous temperament. Even with the tough camouflage shirt, the same feminine, modern urban flu ready to come out.

pandora-jewelers outlet

PANDORA ROSE series to create the feeling, as if to capture the quiet and bright moment to slewing lines, classic design with the combination of the natural world and other elements to create heirloom-like atmosphere of attention, bold but elegant yet elegant. Soft gloss and strong reflection complement each other, flashing sphere and smooth smooth, creating a refined and refined balance, highlighting the glory of life.

Pandora outlet

Dear sister paper in PANDORA ROSE Jewellery series to find their own rose life? What is the simple lines for pure pure you, or light feathers can set off your Smart, or bow shape makes you more time to return to the sense of it? This romantic late autumn, PANDORA ROSE series for you or elegant, or sweet, or sexy styling, inject the finishing touch.

Romantic late autumn, do you want to encounter with Pandora rose color yourself? (on)

Late autumn season, the temperature gradually cools, but the romantic index is heating up anyway! Women in addition to the wardrobe is always less of that piece of clothing, the shape of the eye can not forget the jewelry it? Perhaps you think silver is too mediocre, gold too flashy eyes, then a woman to create the rose color, will not be your heart belongs to it?

Pandora outlet

Sister paper are on jewelry such as BlingBling stuff love to crazy, your girlfriends, female colleagues or even you must Pandora outlet no stranger, unique and innovative design, modern fashion style, just love to not Do not! The new PANDORA ROSE series following the global market has been cleverly the perfect blend of metal to a unique attraction of the rose-tone, re-interpretation of those popular classic style, showing a unique eye-catching style, the release of feminine atmosphere, so One of course, bursting sales, many of the world’s leading network Red has Instagram Shaitu it. The PANDORA ROSE series finally in the country and we meet you, is simply hi big Pu Ben! Want to open their own unique life of Rose How can you miss? .

Pandora outlet

Heart knot with management

From the girl, the bow element on the ponytail derived from, and now cute cute bow seems to once again “fly” into a woman’s world, innocence of female talent is not the most attractive. Bow element, the Department of each woman who is the girl feelings, not tied to the increasing share of the increasing elegance. If your wardrobe has been close to the trend, the purchase of a single product bow, then your jewelry is not should also be “replacement” mean? The new PANDORA ROSE series, with exquisite handmade beads inlaid shiny stone, add a touch of retro for your autumn cute girl, UP your girl index, is not careful to bursting as the sense that there is a great wood? .

Pandora outlet

Love to talk

As early as the Victorian era, rose jewelry on the elegance without losing the brilliance of color, carrying the nature of love and nature. But you know what? Romantic heart-shaped jewelry design is also spread from the Victorian era, after Pandora’s jewelry designer hand, change for the popular models. Simple circular design, with rose-tone soft, harmonious zircon dazzling, both chic and eye-catching, elegant yet elegant, hollow heart-shaped pattern, the double-sided from the beautiful, common elements instant injection wire Silk Smart, for the shape of women add unlimited charm!

Pandora outlet

Pandora means business in Belfast with long-awaited mega store


Jewellery giant Pandora has finally got its hands on the ‘megastore’ it has dreamed of operating in Belfast for some time.

The Danish jewellery brand officially opened the flagship outlet in the city’s Cornmarket this weekend, with the first 100 customers through the door receiving a free Pandora bracelet.

As a result of the new store opening, a smaller existing Pandora branch on Victoria Square has closed down.

Pandora has generated five full-time permanent jobs as a result of the launch, as well as opportunities for seasonal staff.

Franchise owner Pete Boyle told the Belfast Telegraph that it’s a great time to be opening the store as the city is a thriving shopping destination. He expects the move to amplify Pandora’s outlet position in Northern Ireland as a leading jewellery brand.

“We had set our sights on the opening of a megastore for some time now so we are proud to make this a reality having signed a ten year lease. The sheer size of the outlet will allow us to offer an unrivalled customer experience in addition to being able to attract visiting tourists,” he said.

The revitalisation of Belfast city centre has been a priority for the council and local officials expect a jewellery store of that size to only increase the footfall to the Cornmarket area.

Stephen FitzPatrick, from cheap Pandora, added: “The opening of our new Belfast store will further strengthen our brand presence in the region, whilst communicating our focus on expanding our branded sales network within Ireland. The store will allow us to continue to drive our mission to become the world’s most loved jewellery brand.”

Shop Pandora lands ex-Apple and LinkedIn exec Nick Bartle as CMO


Internet radio company Pandora has secured a new chief marketing officer in Nick Bartle, who will commence his role in October.

The former LinkedIn and Apple marketing executive has been tasked with boosting listener growth and engagement through marketing and comms initiatives.

Tim Westergren, founder and chief executive of Pandora outlet, sang Bartle’s praises in a statement saying: “From the moment I met Nick, his ability to make a substantial and immediate impact on cheap Pandora was clear.

“Nick brings a deep understanding of consumer marketing and strategic communications from years of experience with the world’s most revered brands. He is the perfect leader to accelerate Pandora’s brand momentum during this transformative time.”

Bartle comes to Pandora sale from LinkedIn, where he served as vice president of member marketing and communications for the last year.

On his appointment, Bartle said: “The company is poised to completely redefine the music experience once again. I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and connect our listeners to artists in ever more unique and personal ways.”

Bartle also served as the senior director of marketing communications for Apple for more than four years.

The Charmed Life of Pandora Outlet

— How a small Danish jewelry shop turned into a massive global business

In the spring of 2009, jewelry stores were struggling. It was the height of the recession, and with the economy in the tank, many were feeling the effects. Which is why when Elissa Spektor walked by Maurice’s Jewelers in Miami, she was stunned to see it packed with customers.

What were all these people doing there? Spektor went inside the local fine jewelry store and asked. She learned they were waiting to make customizable charm bracelets from Pandora outlet uk; Maurice’s had recently started carrying the Danish jewelry brand and word had gotten out.

Spektor, who owns the online jewelry boutique Love and Pieces, recognized the name — there were plenty of Pandora billboards all over Florida — but she hadn’t grasped the full extent of the cheap Pandora excitement until that moment. “It was all anyone wanted to buy,” she now recalls.

The crowd at Maurice’s became a common occurrence, and Spektor began to notice Pandora everywhere: at other fine jewelry stores, at kiosks at outdoor shopping centers, and, eventually, at Pandora’s own retail stores in malls.

Though to Spektor it seemed like “Pandora popped up out of nowhere and became an overnight success,” that’s not exactly the case. The company has been around for more than 30 years, and in the UK for 13. What was once a local jewelry shop in Copenhagen has transformed into a multibillion-dollar business that reigns over the jewelry market (which might be why its logo features a subtle crown atop the “o”).


Pandora is sold in over 100 countries around the world and is the third largest jewelry company in the US, behind Signet Jewelers and Tiffany & Co. In 2016, it produced more than 100 million pieces of jewelry and brought in 16.7 billion Danish kroner, or about $2.7 billion, in revenue. According to a Karus study, Pandora is the jewelry industry’s most visited website, ahead of Tiffany, Blue Nile, and Swarovski, despite having only introduced e-commerce last year.

While the brand sells necklaces, rings, and earrings, the bread and butter of the operation remains its charm bracelets, a cash cow that accounts for 80 percent of Pandora sale. As Rob Bates, the news director of jewelry trade magazine JCK, notes, “When Pandora became popular, everyone thought it would be a fad and burn out, but the bracelets have proven to have lots of staying power.”

As enormous as its presence is, Pandora is still in growth mode. In fact, as Scott Burger, Pandora’s president of the Americas, explains it, the company is focused on one goal: to become the most loved jewelry brand in the world.