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How To Buy The Perfect Piece Of Pandora Jewellery For Your Mum


Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a piece of jewellery so what better way to celebrate your mum than by giving her a beautiful piece she can wear and think of you. We spoke to Stephen Fairchild, Chief Creative Officer of Pandora outlet, to get his advice on how to choose the perfect jewellery for Mother’s Day.

What are the biggest jewellery trends this season? One of the biggest jewellery trends for spring/summer is to go bold and stack vibrant colours together to create colourful statement pieces. Another trend is mixing metals for example mixing silver with warmer hues like our unique metal blend cheap Pandora Rose.

What do you recommend as a classic gift on Mother’s Day? The Pandora Floating Locket is ideal for Mother’s Day since you can customize it with the receiver in mind by adding miniatures which tell a story or express sentiment and style.

Are there any pieces in particular that seem more popular on Mother’s Day? Symbolic pieces are popular for Mother’s Day for example the Love Knot series which has previously been launched in silver and for spring/summer 2017 in Pandora Rose. The knot is a stylish and subtle symbol of a strong bond.

What are your three biggest sellers? The classical Moments Silver Charm Bracelet is our best-selling piece followed by our Moments Silver Bracelet with Heart Clasp and our Moments Sterling Silver Charm Bangle. Our Sterling Silver Heart Charm is also a best-seller.

How should you pick a piece of jewellery for someone else? What do you need to bear in mind? Take inspiration from the woman herself. Think of her personality, her style and how she adapts her look. Is she classic or eclectic? A fan of silver or two-tone, gold or rose-coloured metal? If she likes pastels or pearly looks, think about a piece that incorporates these. Or if she loves traditional motifs, you can go in that direction. If you want your jewellery to make a sentimental statement, then designs featuring an engraving or space for your own message are ideal.

Have you seen an increase in the sales of anything in particular this past year? Globally we have experienced an increase in especially our rings category. In fact, in 2016 ring sales increased by 28%.

Which three pieces of jewellery do you think everyone should own? I think every woman should own one or several colourful pieces which can always add a bit of colour to their look. This could be colourful rings which can be stacked according to the mood or outfit. Every woman should own a pair of classic earrings such as the cheap Pandora Rose Love Knot studs which can be used both during the day and evening for a classic look. A pair of statement earrings such as the Dazzling Daisies earring climbers are also good to have in the jewellery box.

Which celebrities/influences do you think wear jewellery well? Whether being a celebrity/influencer or not, I think that women who wear jewellery with confidence wear it well. We want women to be able to express who they are by showing their style, their values and their personal stories, through our jewellery pieces.

As a Scandi brand, have you seen more interest in your products with the rise of Scandi fashion? Being one of the three biggest jewellery brand in the world, we can still see that there is an interest in our heritage and the fact that Pandora outlet online originates from Denmark. Being founded in Denmark is strongly rooted in the company today and it is reflected in our jewellery design, the quality and craftsmanship of our products, the way we work and in our corporate social responsibility. In short, we care about our people, our planet and our products.

Christmas Collection 2016: Pandora charms, rings and bracelets


Pandora Christmas collection 2016. Like every year, Pandora creates a new collection of jewelry dedicated to Christmas. The dominant colors are red, blue and dear to tradition, evoking the snow and the cold of winter. This year in addition to the wide selection of charms, bracelets and rings, there are new pendants with inside the symbols of Christmas.

Pandora 2016: charms, rings and bracelets for Christmas

In the collection of Pandora dedicated to Christmas 2016 we find delicious charms evocative of Christmas as Santa’s little house, the gingerbread man, decorated tree and the other dedicated to the night sky, with snowflakes and the fiorid’inverno.Nella collection They are also angels and hearts.

At Christmas Pandora he has created a new bangle with a decorative snowflake and a “snake” model with the closing in pink gold. Rings and earrings proposed in the Christmas collection have the charm of timeless objects, with a taste a little ‘retro.

For a fun and original gift Pandora thought to modular pendant necklace with a medallion in which to insert a set of subjects to choose.