Romantic late autumn, do you want to encounter with Pandora rose color yourself? (under)

Charming roundabout

Simple lines, after Pandora outlet designer’s “hundred thousand turn back” to create a circle round, stacked layers of charming maneuver. Seemingly simple lines, sketching out is a woman with plenty of inner feelings and rich meaning. Symbolic infinity and perfect the unique ∞ symbol, the two circuits on behalf of the balance between the opposite and equal, so abstract beauty, showing a wild practicality. Lingering fingers of the shape, so that the rich ring level changes, as if the fate of the intertwined and emotional, I do not know who affects the heart.


Light feathers

Feather decoration, whether in exaggerated shape or a small area still has an embellishment on the role of irreplaceable, lightweight deliberately vivid. Full of fantasy and beautiful feather elements, not only birds are used in a very specific works of jewelry, but also in a separate posture, bright but without losing the soft light beauty. Lightweight feathers, at any time can make people revive hope, better reflect the feminine. Into the unique rosy glossy and bright reflective, creating a unique touching shape, unique decoration of you.

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Classic retro

Classic, is a penetration of the obsession with time, with the eternal charm. Retro popular today, pandora ROSE series, the brand classic models into rosy colors, instantly create a different retro feel. Inlaid zircon array, sparkling in your wrist between the glorious, elegant blush rosy, blending bold graphic design, giving the PANDORA ROSE series of low-key gorgeous temperament. Even with the tough camouflage shirt, the same feminine, modern urban flu ready to come out.

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PANDORA ROSE series to create the feeling, as if to capture the quiet and bright moment to slewing lines, classic design with the combination of the natural world and other elements to create heirloom-like atmosphere of attention, bold but elegant yet elegant. Soft gloss and strong reflection complement each other, flashing sphere and smooth smooth, creating a refined and refined balance, highlighting the glory of life.

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Dear sister paper in PANDORA ROSE Jewellery series to find their own rose life? What is the simple lines for pure pure you, or light feathers can set off your Smart, or bow shape makes you more time to return to the sense of it? This romantic late autumn, PANDORA ROSE series for you or elegant, or sweet, or sexy styling, inject the finishing touch.